Legends of Kildare - IntoKildare

Finscéalta Chill Dara

A magical virtual reality adventure. Journey through time and immerse yourself in stories of the Fianna, Saint Brigid, and the arrival of the Normans, in one of Ireland’s oldest towns.

You will be greeted by a medieval guide who will set the scene and lead you up to a tranquil space where the adventure begins. Legends of Kildare Virtual Reality experience transports you back in time on an emotional and magical journey which allows you to connect directly with these ancient characters. Minimum age 10 years.

Sonraí Teagmhála

Treoracha Faigh
Cearnóg an Mhargaidh, Cill Dara, Contae Chill Dara, Éireann.

Cainéil Shóisialta

Uaireanta Oscailte

Open Tuesdays to Sundays with shows every 30 minutes.