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Éire a shamhlú

Ráth Iomgháin

Éire a shamhlú

'An Ireland the Poets imagined,  terrible and gay.’ (WB Yeats)

Poets, writers, painters, and musicians had long imagined an Independent Ireland; and the years leading up to 1916 was a period of intense cultural activity. The Easter Rising is sometimes referred to as the ‘Poet’s Revolution,’ with three poets – Pearse, McDonagh, and Plunkett – signing the Proclamation. But they were not the only ones to have ‘dreams of Ireland.’

What kind of an Ireland did these revolutionaries envisage, and was the Ireland that emerged after the Cogadh na Saoirse, Civil War, and Partition the one they dreamed of?

Bí linn ar Dé Sathairn Deireadh Fómhair 7th when historians Caitlin White and John Dorney will explore these questions in their presentations, and in discussion with the audience.

Caitlin White is an historian whose work focuses on memory, public history, social history, and commemoration. In her presentation, Caitlin will compare visions of Ireland through art, journalism, and essayists, with the state that developed in the 20th century.

 John Dorney is an independent historian and chief editor and writer of the Irish Story website. John will be comparing republican/separatist rhetoric pre-revolution with how things turned-out post Treaty and follow the careers of some prominent revolutionaries in the ‘New Ireland.’

This is a free event funded by Kildare Co Co and Creative Ireland

To book a place phone 045 528078 or email


Deireadh Fómhair 7, 2023
10: 00 am - 1: 00 pm UTC

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